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04.05.2011 HF-und Mikrowellenkomponenten

PGA-102+ ultra high dynamic range MMIC, low noise figure,

broadband 0.05 to 6 GHz, high IP3, operating current 83 mA

PGA-1021+ ultra high dynamic range MMIC amplifier, high IP3 at low current consumption 57 mA,  broadband 0.05 to 6 GHz

ZBPF-75+ very low frequency bandpass filter, 63 to 87 kHz, compact

rugged SMA coaxial package well suited for test set-ups

SXBP-series 2 new SXBP models narrow band with flat group delay

SXBP-101 94 to 108 MHz and SXBP-404+ 398 to 410 MHz


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