Meuro Microwave supply of microwave components and subsystems with products focus on the Amplifier,PLDRO,High power switch,YIG,DigitalPhase shifter,DLVA,Mixer,I/Qmixer,Digital,Attenuator,Multiplier,Detector,Filter,Limiter,Isolator,
Circulator,Filter, Power divider,Coupler,coaxail Termination,Coaxial attenuator,IFM receiver,T/R module product lines.

Known internationally for providing products with superior technical performance. Meuro Microwave components&Subsytem
are presently being used by military and Space forces throughout the world. including:Naval ships for Radar Systems and the
Air Force for Electronic Counter measures, Early Warning Devices and Missiles guidance systems.

ISO9001 Compliant quality,Military systems qualified.

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